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Seasonal Canning Co-op in the Works

March 20, 2012

Our snow is melting quickly and we can finally see several patches of the driveway!  Spring is on the horizon.  The switch from snowy blizzards to highs of plus 16C caught us off guard and while we should have expected it (because of our weird almost snowless northern winter) we didn’t. 

This rapid change in weather postponed our plans to tap our maples this past weekend.   We’re just not sure the sap will run well this week and we need about 100 gallons before we can start to boil.  Fingers crossed not all hope is lost, we could get another cold nip (but I doubt it).  And frankly, Matt and I are both okay to skip this Canadian tradition for a year and savour the few bottles of liquid gold we have stashed away.

Okay, on with what this post is really about a ” Seasonal Canning Co-op”  is in the works.  For those local souls (Muskoka, Ontario) who love to PRESERVE but would enjoy the company of fellow canners this might be the ticket for you.  Dave, the owner of Muskoka Meats on Hwy #11 North (just south of Gravenhurst) is passionate about everything local and he’s interested in providing canners (novice and beginners) with a  relaxed atmosphere where a bunch of like-minded people can take advantage of the summer glut.  With access and connections to all sorts of Ontario grown fruits and vegetables Dave’s facility may be the answer to providing canners with an excellent place to learn a few new techniques, pass on information, and enjoy time together “putting up”.  

Although, this “Canning Co-Operative” is still in the planning stage, Dave welcomes your thoughts, ideas, and interest to see if something can be created to take advantage of this summer’s produce!   The invitation is open to all preservationist (novice and beginners), times and dates will depend on the summer’s harvest, and the cost is yet to be determined. 

For those of you interested please contact Dave directly via email at  He will be compiling a list of people who would like to take part in this canning group so drop him a line today! 

We would love to hear from our readers…. (1) Does anyone else participate in a canning co-operative or group?  (2)How does it work?  (3) Improvements?  Likes and dislikes?

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  1. January 28, 2013 2:04 pm

    I am starting up a coop for universal arts studio in Cherryville BC.
    A portion of it will allow for event dates to create canned goods.
    Is there a way I can call you to ask a few questions.
    thank you for your time
    many blessings,

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