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The Turnbulls

Matt and I are The Turnbulls, just a couple of crazy Canadian kids that got hooked on canning a couple of years ago.  My husband, Matt is a wonderful cook who enjoys spending most of his free time wiping up meals that impress every time.  Myself…useless in the kitchen but definitely a foodie.  We decided that time spent together in the kitchen would be fun. 

In the spring of 2009, we put in a cedar rail fence to outline our planned garden and put down our first crops.  Basically, nothing much grew.  Most of our efforts were spent warding off the squirrels who would sample everything and eat nothing.  The other half just didn’t grow because of poor soil.  But that did not stop our canning plans.  With the farmers market close by we planned to purchase and can just a few simple things.  Peaches, cucumbers and stewed tomatoes.  But, it didn’t end there.  We were hooked and spent the wee hours of each and every night canning.  By the end of the season we had canned over 100 different things.

This year (now 2012) we would like to continue to share our journey in canning and preserving, foraging, eating locally, gardening, bread baking, and making responsible food choices that create wonderful meals.  Hope you will join us!

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Put Up Totals:

2011 ~ 56 Different Items

18 x 125mL
191 x 250mL
3 x 270mL
11 x 350mL
5 x 375mL
254 x 500mL
3 x 750mL
107 x 1L

2010 – 96 Different Items

7 x 125mL
18 x 236mL
185 x 250mL
2  x 270mL
1 x 300mL
23 x 375mL
2 x 473mL
350 x 500mL
9 x 750mL
320 x 1L
1 x 1.2 L
3 x 1.5 L
6 x 1.9 L

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