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Let’s ReCAP Things

April 27, 2012

ReCAPs!!!  These handy-dandy little reuseable caps, made especially to screw snuggly onto regular mouth mason jars, are hot off the presses.  They arrived last week and we’re excited to get them into the regular fold of things here in our kitchen.  With a flip cap spout that snaps closed while not it use, it provides mason jar loving folks the capability of easy pouring and storing.  They are made out of BPA free recyclable plastic so you can feel good about using them each and every time.  ReCAPs’ website is now up and running so if you use your mason jars like we do (for everything) then head over to their site to check them out.  They make life that much easier!  I think wide mouth mason jars are next to be reCAPped.

Just a side note ~ we first saw reCAPs on stARTup.   StARTup Incubator is a great site providing creative entrepreneurs an excellent platform for sharing, growing, and developing their ideas.  It’s also well worth some exploration!

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