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Hot Pickle Mix

July 22, 2010

Trying this little gem of a recipe was recommended to us by members of our enthusiastic canning club; a club made up of friends who are all into canning, eating, experimenting and just plain loving food.  So, after seeing how wonderful our friends jars of the hot pickle mix looked we decided to try our hand at it too.

HOT PICKLE MIX – Another Bernardin Recipe

Using the veggies we could find fresh at the farmers’ market we followed this recipe and made 5 x 1.9 Litre jars of this pickled veggie treat.

 Put Up Total:

  • 5 x 1.9 Litre Wide Mouth Jars

Warning:  Hopefully you have all read down to the bottom because we are here to caution you against trying this recipe (now we’re really glad we didn’t write the recipe out).  Although, they look fabulous in the jar they taste terrible.  We were over at our friends place and he cracked open a jar for us to sample and it was disgusting…we all thought it was DISGUSTING!!!  We rushed home to open one of our jars only to find the same result.  The consistency and taste of these pickles is revolting.  So, you’ve been warned ~ Don’t Try These At Home!

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