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Cream Corn

August 1, 2010

Now that we have invested in a pressure canner the sky is the limit!  We purchased it primarily to make and preserve our on fresh and tasty soups for those long winter months but it has already started to open our eyes to the endless possibilities…so much to CAN so little time!

Cream Corn is one of the easiest and most inexpensive veggies to preserve.  We purchased 10 dozen cobs for $40. With the three of us working on it (my mom, Matt and I) we husked, blanched, and preserved 10 dozen cobs of fresh Ontario corn in two days.  We made 2 different corn relishes, cream corn, and froze the remaining kernels for the soup to come.  So sweet and so tasty! 

Cream Corn Recipe:

  • husk corn cobs
  • wash cobs
  • blanch corn for approximately 5 minutes working in small batches of 5-6 cobs to one large pot of boiling water
  • immediately place in iced cold water
  • using a knife or one of the kernel removers cut kernels from the cobs
  • then using the back of a knife scrap the cobs clean collecting the milk in your bowl
  • add salt and sugar to taste (we didn’t add any as our corn was very sweet and the salt can be added later)
  • fill hot sterilized jars with the corn and pack leaving 3/4″ headspace
  • following the instructions for pressure canning cream corn

Put Up Total:

  • 15 x 500mL Regular Mouth Mason Jars
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