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Golden Beet Relish

August 19, 2010

Oh so many veggies…oh so many recipes to try.  At the farmers’ market I am always looking for something different and something that will taste great and add usual colour to the jar.  I found Golden Beets and thought this might be interesting to preserve.  They are a beautiful orangey red colour and sweeter than the regular purple beet we are used to. 

Using 25 golden beets we were able to make this sweet and savory relish that not only looks great but tastes better.  We slightly modified a recipe we found in the Put ’em Up book.  And, for those of you who like hot and sweet I think it could be even better if you added a slice or two of jalapeno peppers.

This relish will fair well with pork or compliment any cheese plater!



Put up Total:

  • 4 x 500mL wide mouth jars
  • 1 x 500mL fancy wide mouth jar
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