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BBQ Sauce

September 8, 2010

I continue to make bbq sauce and dream of all the delicious meats Matt will put it on.  Last year we made one kind of bbq sauce for ribs (previous entry) and one sauce to use on chicken wings.  Hands down we preferred the bbq sauce!

This year we’ve tackled a few more of Bernardin’s bbq sauce recipes.  Now, that we’ve made 3 different kinds we have an abundance and variety of sauces to try.  Plus, they will make excellent Christmas gifts for the men in your life.  I’ll keep you posted as to which sauce was the best and what we used it on.

Today I made the Stampede Style sauce and the Sweet ‘n Sour sauce…right out the Bernardin Big Book.  Making it takes a lot of time because it has to boil down so much and you have to watch out for the splattering which tends to hit you as you stir but in the end you will have that special dressing for all of your meats.  I followed the recipe except I pureed the sauce at least once but probably twice to create a smoother finished product.


  • 6 x 250mL regular mason jars


  • 7 x 250mL regular mason jars
  • 1 x 250mL wide mouth mason jar
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