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Fish ‘n Chips

September 12, 2010

Now it may seem like our whole world revolves around food but I assure you there is drink as well.  Just kidding (NOT).  But, we do both have full-time jobs.  Food and cooking has always been a passion for Matt and canning is the one thing in the kitchen we enjoy doing together.  Canning really is better than watching TV…isn’t it?!  Addictive or what?  I just can’t get enough of it.

Late this afternoon while the sauerkraut was processing we ventured into our trial garden to see if we had any potatoes.  I say “trial garden” because we’re new at it and we don’t have a lot of full sun.  Our whole property is covered in beautiful mature trees which makes our dream of a big garden challenging.  This is our second year at it and we’ve done much better…RAISED BOXES.  But, again it has been a learning process (another entry). 

Okay, back to the garden…Yes we do have potatoes!!! YEAH!!! As Matt dug up the first mound I was so happy and relieved to see that we had a fair number of potatoes ranging in size.  Oh, they sure are a thing of beauty.and we have fresh pickerel caught by our very skillful neighbour and fisherwoman.  Fresh fish ‘n chips…and it doesn’t get better than that!

Oh, did I forget mention that  Matt also made this bread fresh today too?

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