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Making Labels

September 12, 2010

Creating the labels to dress up your jars can be just as fun as making the product that goes inside.  Being an artist I love coming up with different ways to mix it up and creating these little hang tags has become part of our signature.  Each jar can expect something a little different and the more I experiment with writing styles, stamps, colour pens, ribbons, scissors, and that old typewriter…the more I realize there is an unlimited number of possibilities.

When labelling your jars you can use a wide variety of pre-made stickers that you can purchase at places where your jars are sold.  Here in Canada you can find the Bernardin stickers at Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Independent Grocery Stores, and Home Hardware.  Plus, you may also want to check out online stores that specialize in labels.  Here is a cool site worth checking out:  My Own Labels .  I am going to put some of these on my Christmas List.  And, my personal favorite is the hang tag.  The hang tag may not be the most practical way of labeling your jars (because the tied on tags tend to come off once open and in the fridge) but I think they look great! 

So let’s get you started on creating that unique hang tag for your canned preserves.  You may start with a few jars, or just your christmas give aways or maybe you’ll get hooked like me and decided to do them all.

First you will need some hang tags.  You can find a unliminted number of hang tags at stores like Staples, Office Depot, or your local craft store.  I also keep my eyes open for sale items that will work for example Christmas tags after holiday season is over or last seasons scrap booking items.  Secondly, labelling each tag will give them personal touch so be creative.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured permanent markers, ink stamps (I have several different ABC stamp pads in an assortment of writing styles), or anything else you like.  Lastly, you can use assortment of things to tie your tags onto each jar.  For example;  jute (a personal favorite), string, yarn, fabric, or ribbon…all of which come in an unlimited number of colours.  It’s as easy as that!  And, it only takes a few extra minutes but makes each jar look as good as it tastes.  

Last year, I would write the date on the back of each hang tag rendering the tag useless after you’re finished with the preserve.  This year I am just labeling what is inside and keeping track of when each item was made on a separate paper.  That way I can reuse the tags the next time I make the same thing.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions on making tags or labelling jars is appreciated…so share with me your thoughts!

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