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Tomato Sauce

August 27, 2010

Making tomato sauce is a must around here.  I love pasta and there is nothing better than your own seasonally canned sauce to finish it off any italian dish.  I also like my pasta topped with a little bit of cheese and our stewed tomatoes…but that’s another entry.

This year we are making a plain tomato sauce.  Last year we did more than one sauce adding garlic and onions but this year the consensus was plain sauce is better and can be finished any way you’d like at the time of cooking.

Although making tomato sauce takes time to cook down the preparation of it is much simpler than other tomato based recipes. For our basic tomato sauce you need only wash and half or quarter the tomatoes, cook in batches until soft and let your food mill remove the skins and seeds.  And, the food mill prize of the year goes to this amazing tool ~ The European Tomato Press from Lee Valley…Item number EV101 and it’s $39.00.  It was a gift from a friend and it makes doing tomato sauce a snap.

Here is a few shots from our tomato making…


Put up Total:

  • 31 x 500mL regular mason jars
  • 7 x 1L regular mason jars
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